Online grocery shopping and delivery services are catching up the pace with consumers growing need. According to experts at Orian Research, the global market of online grocery shopping and delivery services would grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23.7% during 2020 to 2025.

In the coming next five years, the online grocery shopping service will touch down an approximate number of $250 billion. So, if you also want to be a player of this industry and bring your online grocery store for consumers then this year could give you a fruitful start.


Consumers Are Loving Online Grocery Stores

Online grocery shopping and delivery services are being loved because they have made the life easier. Bachelors, housewives, or elderly peoples, all are finding such apps very useful for placing orders and getting grocery delivered to their doorstep from wherever they are.

It is like getting a magic wand in the real life where someone is there to cut the hassle of going store-to-store physically shopping for grocery. Therefore, if you also bring your grocery store in market, you will be highly benefited and loved by consumers in your area.

But, have you ever thought of a working grocery store? Well, if you have not then take out your paper and pen to listing some of the basic features your application must have. However, if you don’t have any idea then here are some of the basic features that an online grocery store must have.

Basic Features of Online Grocery Store

The basic planning of getting your online grocery working starts with designing business model. You must include all the important factors as stated below.

  • Analyzing competitors in your local markets
  • Determining your target area and consumers
  • Planning for mode of online delivery according to the regions
  • Creating a roadmap for converting your ideas into a working model
  • Finding an efficient developer with all the tools to develop an efficient and easy online store
  • Planning for website and a responsive application
  • Advertising the online grocery application in the target market

Well, these were a few important factors which need your attention while planning to set an online store for grocery. However, features are something very versatile part for website development.

Therefore, you need to be very discrete and thoughtful about customers and their likings.

Some of the discrete features an online grocery website must have are explained below.


Must Have Features in an Online Grocery Store


  1. Easy categorization of grocery and condiments

The online grocery website must have easy categorization for listing of products and condiments. A person must be able to quickly navigate seeing the categories on the top.


  1. Common product listings and their comparison

There must be an option for segregation of different brands selling a common product. Consumers must be able to compare and buy cheapest available brand as per their needs.


  1. Easy to navigate and rich UX/UI

Unlike confusing navigation system or tough to understand options, the website must have user-friendly options with easy navigation from one step to another while placing an online order for grocery.


  1. Hassle-free product returns

The grocery website must have easy-to-fill return forms for hassle-free product return. Consumers must find the process easy to gain trust on your services.


  1. Multiple options for payments

The online grocery ordering website must have different modes of payments. Consumers must be able to pay for their orders according to their wish. The options may include cash on delivery, debit/credit card payment, UPI payment, or pay later options.


  1. Exciting referrals and reward plans

The website must have a designation place for customer referrals and rewards. This will help your business to grow exponentially while safekeeping your regular customers from going to your competitors.

  1. One-step registration and verification

Many grocery shopping websites and applications have seen a bad response from consumers for their time taking and cumbersome registration process. Therefore, you must have an easy registration process or simple one-step if possible. The process should either ask for email or phone number for one-step and easy process.


  1. Delivery scheduler and proper mode of communication

The online grocery ordering website must have an in-built delivery scheduler for hassle-free management of delivery date and time. The system must also have easy mode of communication with delivery agent to reduce the chances of blunders during delivery.


Advanced Features That Are Must In an Online Grocery Website


  1. Modes of repeat order and re-order

The website must have options for repeating previous order or re-ordering products that have been ordered previously. This will cut down the hassle of searching those items again and again when needed to order online.


  1. Easy access to past orders and payment history

It is one of the very important and advanced aspects of an online grocery store. In this mode, consumers can access history whenever they need.


  1. Advanced search options

Consumers these days look for advanced search options where they online require typing one or two initials of the name and the product appears. You can also call it keyword search in a precise manner.


  1. Sharable cart options

None of the ecommerce or online grocery websites has any concern over cart sharing options. Here, you can put one step forward by including cart sharing option in your website and make it easy to access whenever needed.


Screenshots of Grocery Stores


cost of online grocery website

Fresh Direct

cost of online grocery store


online grocery store


Cost of Grocery Website Development in Various locations


The cost of grocery website development varies from one place to other, depending upon the clients’ needs, expectations and location of resources. In countries like USA, Canada, UK, Ukraine, Australia etc., the charges may range between $100-$150 per hour. However, a good and reliable website development company like BinaryMetrix charges feasibly according to different locations worldwide.


We are offering the lucrative rate of only $15-$20 per hour for our services. In-case you are interested to know the ballpark estimates, the fixed cost of a basic Online Grocery Store starts from $2250 and can go to any number based on the desired features/ functionalities. For unique UX/UI design, custom requirement and advance services, please contact BinaryMetrix and our dedicated consultants will be happy to help you to get your Online Grocery Store into existence.

So, get your business model ready and ask a quote for your desired website development. It is now or never if you dream to have a working online grocery shopping website.