Logo Creation

Make your first impression stonger via impressive Logo

BinaryMetrix is a one-stop solution for all digital solutions; including the creative offerings. Our team is ready to make your brand logo which reveals your idea, concept, and even the business history.

Creating a logo can be complex but an important factor for any business because logo is brand identification to recognize  a business.

A logo must be attractive, should grab attention & memorable for long lasting impression.

An impactful logo can convert the regular customers into loyal customers and can make a brand trustworthy.

A logo that boosts your pressence

A feature-rich logo design should introduce the main idea & essence of a business, it must include what exactly a business does. If it is not conveying that message, then it must be changed.

Monogram Logo (Lettermarks)

Creating a logo with only letters, majorly business initials are called Monogram Logo or Lettermarks. It is easier to remember a business name by 2 or 3 initials e.g. NASA, IBM, HP.

Wordmarks Logo (Logotypes)

These types of logos contain only the text and useful if a business name is catchy, easy to remember, stick in customers’ minds. e.g. Uber, Subway

Pictorial Marks (Logo Symbols)

Representing a logo in form of graphical symbol or icon as real world object like the outline of any fruit, plant or coffee mug is called pictorial marks or brand marks. e.g. Apple, Twitter.

Creative Design Logo for New and Established Businesses

Graphic Designers at BinaryMetrix help you to choose the right color scheme, type of logo, to grab the attention which can be stick in customers’ memory. Either you are a startup or large organization, we can help you with our logo creation services.