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BinaryMetrix is serving to aspiring minds where they find the product and services selling suitable as they can get things done with small investment and multiplied profits. An online ecommerce store can be a best solution to grow your business locally and globally. Irrespective of your business niche, you can sell all types of products and services through an e-commerce business website.

Custom Design for all Web Shops

BiinaryMetrix truly understand each business has own dimension and may need a custom look to represent the business idea and to get the ultimate goal of any business. Our team of UI/UX experts can deliver a robust design for n-number of ecommerce websites each time.

Seamless Integration

With unmatchable expertise and great exposure of various ecommerce platforms, BinarMetrix web developers clearly know how to integrate the different modules and 3rd party plug-in to a current system. The final output of a web shop will boost the performance of your products/services, and further lead to the increased brand awareness.

User Friendly & Easy Navigable Store

You can get the user-friendly options on your ecommerce business website with our precise developmental services. In these options, you get the integration of payment gateway, and other important integrations that help you to grow your business, get ease in different tasks, and boost the overall business results.

Inventory Management

A smart website should have the option to manage the product inventory effortlessly whether it is required at custom's end or at owner's end. Switching to the ecommerce business, and getting the development services help you to manage your inventory available on the website. Updating the availability status of any product will be only one click away to show available or out of stock.

Smooth Checkout Process

BinaryMetrix is offering hassle-free checkout process for the ecommerce websites so that the end customers don't get misleaded or confused at the time of placing the order. We always use process indicators to make it easy for customers to know at what stage of checkourt process they are and how much points are left to fill & place an order.

B2B and B2C Websites

Our web development team is loaded with scalable capability and agility that can help your business to expand and convert your online visitors into the potential customers. So, whether a business is B2C or B2B or both at the same time, we are capable to handle any easy/ complex requirement with agile process which can augment your business success.





Extension to any physical store or completely virtual business

With the rapid innovation in technology, you cannot expect the business growth for your ecommerce business without getting the advanced solutions. This is why, you must choose the professional developers, who are providing the scalable, feature-rich and agile solutions. Seek high-tech solutions online, and convert them into the business.
In the last couple of years, BinaryMetrix has constantly made various breakthroughs in website development services like custom website development, Web DevelopmentE-Learning (LMS), and Progressive Web Apps Services.


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Our highly experienced developers at BinaryMetrix are handling the ecommerce website development projects with the focus on present-day trends, and the requirement of the business website. We ensure the accurate care of your website, and the best results with our development services. Our consulting professionals are ready to understand your queries and provide a web shop as per your convince. 

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