E-Learning (Learning Management System)

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Supreme learning management development solutions catered to your specific need. Join hands with BinaryMetrix team of professionals to receive superlative E-learning software for your business.

Enterprise LMS

Solutions customized for a company of 500 or more employees. A concrete list of built-in features and highly scalable.

Individual LMS

For small scale company or individual users with access to few features. Offer on subscription and affordable.

Commercial LMS

LMS service that collects fee to access the products. Quicker and superior level support; robust & involves good documentation.

On-Premise LMS

This LMS constructs on the specifications & server chosen by the organization itself. Secure installation that protects the user and corporate data.

Cloud Base LMS

Hosted on a secure-site server that allows users to use the product on a variety of computers and mobile devices. More scalable in comparison to an installed version.


The most popular LMS, service as a software (SaaS); suited for organizations that are growing gradually as its scalable, offers limited customization, cloud-based but with frequent free upgrades.

Role of LMS Systems for Many Businesses!

Organizations have multiple objectives to fulfil through the Learning Management System for specific categories such as employee onboarding, training, customer development or thought leadership.

Secure Corporate Training

Compliance Training


Equal Training

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