The population of mobile phone users have increased drastically. Amidst us, we can see a varied category of smartphones launches in the market every now & then. It is because of the mobility factor that has doubled the chances of doing business. The high penetration rate of handheld devices and quick rise of mobile phones usage have invariably generated the demand for mobile apps undoubtedly. Many influential organizations have chosen the middle path & that is, Hybrid Apps over the conventional native app to propagate their business.


why businesses choose Hybrid Apps Development over Native Apps

Hybrid Apps, what it is?

As the name suggests, Hybrid apps are the best of both the worlds; an app in the native container & that works on all kinds of platforms. This app is structured using technologies likes CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Interestingly, it’s developed on a single code base & it runs on WebView. Most commonly, the hybrid apps are also downloaded from platform app stores and run like native apps.

Native apps, is it losing its popularity?

Most businesses incline towards profit and dense outreach of their business using limited resource and investment. The struggle to maintain a separate app for iOS or Android as it is time-consuming & expensive, i.e., native apps which uses platform-specific programming languages, unlike hybrid apps that run on unified single code.

Why prefer expensive native app development when you have hybrid app development the most viable option?

Why are Hybrid Apps popular among most business?

When it comes to decision making between hybrid and native app, pros& cons are looked upon by every business. What suits best gets decided on the availability of funds, time, and user-experience.

Hybrid App Development Cost is Minimal!

Some business allocates fewer budgets to develop apps and, in such cases, the hybrid app comes out as the winner. It is cost-effective as it can run on multiple platforms based on a single unified code. On the other hand, native apps are expensive to develop as it needs different programming languages for each platform individually, in turn too much investment of time & money.

Hybrid App Development Requires Limited Time!

In comparison to native apps, mobile app developers require less time to build hybrid apps. Once the codes are structured, JavaScript or HTML can smoothly run on operating systems iOS or Android.

Hybrid Apps Development Needs Minimal Maintenance!

Simplified maintenance is easy to roll out with hybrid apps. Unlike, the native apps which require maintenance of new versions on every update, for hybrid app, it is just like updating a web-page, quick & easy.

Offline Support for Apps!

One of the crucial aspect hybrid apps provide is that it supports offline. Not every area fully supported by high internet network, but, with a hybrid app, certain features work offline.

Hybrid Apps have Rich UI/UX Designs!

Hybrid apps provide a smooth experience to mobile app users and can be built on striking designs to attract users. Since hybrid apps are lightweight, even with HD graphics, performance is extraordinarily high and faster.

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