Are you planning to take your business to the next height? Are you looking for reliable website development services?

Well, now that you are taking the much-awaited decision of getting a new website, you must be aware of the dilemma awaiting outside – to choose a custom website development or go with WordPress website design.

As a reliable custom website development company, BinaryMetrix strives hard to provide any needed support to our patrons. We would even clarify this existing dilemma and offer you a prudent comparison. You can later decide on your own about choosing the one!


The comparison begins


WordPress Website Design


WordPress needs no prior introduction and you might be aware that it is a free tool for website building. This tool was initially created for blogs but later evolved into a much complex website design and development.

In the meantime of release, this tool gained huge popularity among users with mare web knowledge. In fact, in the present day, approx. 15% of websites designed and running successfully are all made through WordPress.

But this is not all glittery as it seems. The tool has many drawbacks as well as it has benefits. Let us discuss its pros and cons one by one.


  • Cost-effective website development
  • No prior knowledge required in coding and programming languages
  • Easily customizable with ‘one-size-fits all’ compliance
  • Faster website design and development
  • Scalable themes and features
  • SEO-friendly
  • Paid themes with developer support


  • All websites look the same as they follow the ‘one-size-fits all’ theory
  • Generally not innovative and appealing
  • Custom-made themes are high priced
  • No customer support for free services
  • Website developed remains an easy target for hackers


Custom Website Development


Your wish to stand out from the existing competitors with a unique and highly optimized website is justified as an intuitive owner.

But! Do you have any idea to manifest your wish word by word?

Fortunately, you do have – custom eCommerce website development services. Custom website design opens up limits beyond the sky to add unique functionalities to a custom-built website. The company you hire for the development chooses the best programming language to prepare the framework and create a robust website that is hack-proof and robust.

The end product of custom development is always amusing because you get what you pay for – an innovative design, crisp UX/UI, and attention-grabbing home page.

Well, the benefits do not end here. Read the section of pros to know further about the benefits associated with a custom-made website by a top-notch custom website development company like BinaryMetrix.


  • Custom-made websites are hack-proof and reliable
  • Uses epitome of a robust framework in security & privacy
  • The hired developers take care of the website’s secrecy and insert the right plugins
  • Custom website development comes with an ever-ready team with technical help and solutions
  • Looks are always fresh and innovative
  • Opens up new horizons for website marketing and promotion
  • Custom web development comes with a package of additional support and services
  • The DIY approach does not work here, and functionalities are not compromised at all
  • You get over the template looks, and your business idea is well-reflected with bespoke themes


  • Time and cost consuming process

The final decision

As per the pros and cons associated with each of the approaches, you can see that ‘custom website development is a far better approach. In here, you establish your own brand identity with innovative and original ideas. Your website does not look like a copy of another website selling exact opposite services.

The biggest virtue is that – you don’t choose the rat race. By choosing custom website development, you keep your dream above all compliance and choose the best for it. And when you make the prudent decision, the time taken seems a very nominal price. The wait is worth waiting for!

We hope that this blog has seized the dilemma running inside your head about WordPress v/s Custom Website Development. And if you have decided to go with the latter, contact BinaryMetrix for further support!

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