Are you thinking of upgrading your old e-Commerce website or building a new one for your business? What’s important for that is to find and choose a good custom website development company that will help you take your business to its zenith. But how to choose between the enormous number of custom e-commerce website development companies and select the one best for you? Well not to worry anymore, here we have a list of top seven kickass questions you should ask a custom e-commerce website development agency which will help you get the best help for your business.


Q1. What do I get from you in my final budget from your custom website development company?

After taking a final decision over your budget and deciding on a definite budget, you need to find out what are you getting for your money? You should always ask the custom website development company to provide you with a fully consolidated list of services that will fit in your budget with respect to graphic design, web development, content, UI/UX and other things like these. You need to be sure of all these services and deliverables that the company is going to provide to you to ensure that you can relax while the developers get on with making you a perfect custom e-Commerce website.


Q2.  Does the custom website development company provide you with the maintenance of the website as well? Also how much hosting is needed for your website?

You need to ask them what happens if your website shuts down temporarily and how will you be able to introduce content and design changes in the future to your website? These are the maintenance-related questions that will help your business and affect it.

You also need to have a clear idea about the hosting provided by the custom website development company to your website. Is your website on a shared or a dedicated server? How much is the backend speed and uptime of the hosting service provider? All these questions are important to ensure that the website works perfectly even in high traffic conditions.


Q3. Ask about the CMS of the website being developed for you and also if it is responsive to various devices.

CMS is Content Management System and it is what allows a person to make a few changes and edit a few content lines. You need this because you will want to make certain changes to your website’s content according to the situations and times.

You need to know if your website will open and work on different devices like laptops, mobile phones, desktops, tablets etc. You need a website that is available on as many devices as possible and optimized according to the audience’s needs to ensure that it reaches the largest set of audience possible. This is what will affect your website’s SEO ratings and position.


Q4. Is the coding of your website being done in a manner friendly to SEO?

Making technical changes to a website after it is fully coded is a next to impossible chance. So you should know and ensure that your website developers know all about SEO and are doing all they can to improve your website’s SEO ratings.


Q5. What is the page load time for your website?

Quick loading of your website’s page is important for a nice and easy customer friendly experience and also great SEO. So the code of your website has to be readable easily and be light. So you should use light images and videos, especially on the home page to have the least amount of load time possible.


Q6. Does your website come with integrated blogs or will the blogs be WordPress coded and separately integrated?

Bogs are what makes e-commerce websites have great SEO ranking and strategy, so you need to have a clear idea about it. Blogs ensure that you can use all the important keywords necessary for SEO so knowing if blogs are integrated within the website or separately integrated from WordPress is essential.


Q7. Does your website have a pre-integrated payment gateway that is fully consolidated?

One of the most important aspects of website development, a well consolidated and secure payment gateway is essential for any e-Commerce website. You need to have a secure payment gateway pre-integrated within your website and it should have and meet all security standards.

These are seven questions that you should always ask a custom e-commerce website development agency to ensure that you get a website that is capable of taking your business to new heights. The custom website development company that meets all of these needs will be the one perfect for you and you can easily choose it.