Every year, a new technology arrives in the market for app development and slithers away with time. However, this has not been the case with React Native.


The journey of this technology is quite astounding. In 2013, Facebook launched React Native as an internet Hackathon project. It took two years to bring React Native’s first preview in public, and since then, it did not look back. In March 2015, Facebook brought it on Github as an open-source development platform.


After this significant event, it did not take much time for Facebook to take the most significant decision of replacing Shoutem with React Native. Later, RN outstandingly surpassed the Google trends and became a favorite open source development option for many Native Mobile App development companies.


Oftentimes, developers repeating common mistakes while developing React Native apps have been a huge issue.


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In this article, we will discuss those mistakes and learn to avoid them.


5 common mistakes while developing React Native App

  1. Leaving out console.log statements

Console.log statements help developers find bugs in a developed app. The inclusion of ‘console.log’ statements allows developers to detect app failure reasons and amend them as soon as possible. A reliable Native Mobile App development company like BinaryMetrix takes care of such issues and directs their developers accordingly.


As they keep a sharp check throughout the development process, clients get desired app quality without any visible hitches. If the hired developer of yours forgets including this important technicality, you may incur bigger losses in the future.


  1. Wrong estimation of errors by development companies

The wrong estimation of errors in itself is a huge topic with several sub-components. Only an expert React Native app Development Company which is also a flutter, Android and iPhone app development company can understand this factor and work accordingly.


Various issues faced here are –

  • Layout planning of an app for different operating systems
  • Database structuring of entities to plan redux store
  • Proper checking of code alignment in the case of the web app, etc.

The app development company can avoid the mistake of ‘wrong estimation’ if it has expert developers with immense experience in all operating systems and technologies.


Only such a development company will be able to give a correct estimation of errors while converting an Android, iOS, and Flutter app into a React Native App.


  1. Mutation of state or Redux function mutate state

In RN app development, Store, State, and View are linked together for enhanced performance. However, in certain situations, corruption of the database occurs due to the redux function mutation state. Therefore, the developer must keep the fact in mind and avoid merging the previous state with the new state during the development process.


If the developer is not that skilled, he will mess up with the app and produce large and unmanageable codes. Therefore, while you plan to get a React Native app developed, make sure the development company has well-skilled developers. In case you don’t have any name in mind, you can consult with experts at BinaryMetrix.


  1. Giving less importance to Image Optimization

Many young and inefficient app developers make this common mistake of neglecting the importance of image optimization. They forget the worth of image optimization in app’s performance. Only a highly skilled and experienced developer understands the effect and hence, makes sure to optimize images to make the app high-quality and lightweight.


  1. Not using the right coding practices

Sometimes many developers overlook the need for the right coding practices and make the app development and expansion burdensome. They generally don’t plan every step of the development and code writing process.


In the future, when the app demands expansion or the addition of new features, the process becomes hefty. Well, the process consumes not only time but also more cost to reach the set target. Therefore, you must hire an RN app development company that follows the right coding practices.


Well, above the most common mistakes an RN app developer often makes. However, the list does not end here. Some other mistakes include –

  • Not integrating libraries properly
  • Not following best practices of coding
  • Not adhering to external modules
  • Not running unit tests
  • Wrong structuring of the project

With the list, this blog comes to an end but not your responsibility as a service seeker. If you wish to get an unmatched quality in your React Native Application, you should hire the best development company in the market.


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