Every year, the mobile application development industry comes with some latest trends to follow while developing an app for a specific need. These trends are not only revolutionary but highly advanced for taking app development to the next level.


So, this is the end of 2020, and there is already a buzz in the industry of the latest trends of 2021.


If you are a tech-savvy soul, you would already have a fair idea about these trends. However, if you are not, this blog will give you a clear idea and explanation.


The countdown will start from 5 to 1…..


IoT trends to be followed in 2021 

5. Internet of Things will maintain its pace

Internet of things will make lives simpler and easier by introducing a level up in digitization of home appliances, gadgets, and security devices. With more advanced and automated control, users will live the next generation of IoT.


 4. No-fuss over space while playing Mobile games 

While PUBG took the gaming industry by a storm, gamers still found one thing very disappointing- space consumption. They could not download or keep any other game while playing PUBG.

But this coming year, 2021, players will never face such an issue. IoT in 2021 will give players the freedom to keep countless games in a single mobile phone without thinking about space consumption. Mobile applications will have gaming libraries for storing and playing more than one game at a time.


3. AI and MR will remain to be top trends

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have entirely changed the practices of the mobile application development industry. Its incorporation, along with MR, has revolutionized and optimized the speed and efficiency of app development. Therefore, AI and MR will stay at the top of all IoT trends to be followed in 2021.


2. Increase of m-commerce 

2021 will see a new horizon of mobile commerce and e-wallet as a new payment mode. E-wallets will be a new cashless option where you will be able to pay through crypto-currency as well. Currently, more than 79% of consumers are using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for online payment. However, the use is not versatile.

2021 IoT trends will manifest more apps supporting payment via blockchain and crypto-currencies.


1. 5G technology will give an edge

With the introduction of 5G in 2021, mobile users will be able to their devices to the fullest. In fact, mobile app developers will be able to develop apps with a lower degree of latency and enhance user experience to a great extent.

Enhanced data speed will be the next breakthrough in this competitive era and data-intensive market.


Final Words 

Despite the above five trends, beacon technology and new facets of IoT in wearable will also be a few of the ravishing trends to follow and implement in 2021. Altogether, you can sum up 2021 to be a much better year for mobile app innovation and development.

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