Are you still on the verge of choosing React Native as the framework of your future mobile app development and still confused about the decision?

BinaryMetrix has got you covered. In our latest blog, you will be learning about some frequently asked questions about choosing RN as a framework. Let us get started.


What is React Native?

React Native framework is based on Babel transformers and JavaScriptCore runtime. It is a framework used to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android Apps using native UI elements.

RN as a native framework was recognized in 2013 as an internal hackathon project by Facebook. However, its first public preview was introduced in 2015 by Facebook and was made available on GitHub. Since then, it has been widely accepted by various developers worldwide for developing native apps and user interfaces.

Within 1.5 years, it gained popularity over iOS and Android development frameworks. In fact, most apps these days use JavaScript instead of Objective-C/Swift and Java/Kotlin. RJ supports Android and iOS both and bears great potential to expand as future platforms as well.


What is the sole purpose of React Native app development?

The sole purpose of React Native app development is to make the development process faster, easier, and most agile. It helps developers to develop cross-platform apps without understating the languages (Objective-C, Kotlin, JavaScript, or Swift) that are separately used for development. This feature not only reduces overall cost but saves time in the long run. However, you will still need credible React Native developers with the required skills. In fact, if you are searching for any, then contact BinaryMetrix. It is a much credible React Native app development company known for building well-performing apps for its clients.


Is there any difference between React Native and React?

React Native uses React; hence, both are correlated. React uses RN as a custom renderer, which helps transform React code to work with Android and iOS. It works just like ReactDOM, which works for the web.


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What is the key importance of using React Native?

The key importance of using React Native is that coder can reuse the built for operating systems like iOS and Android. RN gives the freedom of multi-platform working. It has been a record-breaking and ever-growing framework without any visible competitor in the industry.


Can React app work on mobile and React Native app work on the web?

Well, the answer to this question is a little disappointing because a React app does not work on mobile. Most of the React apps are designed considering features available in web browsers. So it will work on the web only. Similarly, a React Native app is designed to keep the features of mobile in consideration, and hence, it only works on mobile, not on the web. But! There is always a possibility of reusing code to improve features for both the system.


Can we say that all React develops are also React Native developers?

By default, a React developer is not React Native developer. However, the code a React developer writes for the web does not differ much from the code written for a React Native app. Given that, it is evident that code relies more on features of the system they are being made for.

That said, a React developer can become a React Native developer as well but with proper knowledge and experience.


Is flutter better than React Native? Why many developers side with flutter?

Flutter has the most significant advantage of being a new technology in the market, having great support from Google. However, you cannot sideline the facts that flutter has excellent performance and helps in building apps just like Native apps. However, you will still need credible flutter app developers with the required skills. In fact, if you are searching for any, then contact BinaryMetrix. It is a much credible flutter app development company known for building well-performing apps for its clients.


But React Native is a benchmark for all cross-platform technologies which use JavaScript (a popular coding language than Dart). Therefore, React Native is easily accessible for developers.


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Does a React Native app look and work the same on iOS and Android?

An app is designed based on operating platforms and hence bears a different set of features. A React Native app will access the native components of operating systems like iOS and Android and work accordingly. Therefore, you can find relatable differences in the app working on both systems. Also, developers have to work according to the guidelines of UI closely.


What are the popular apps built using React Native?

Well, the list is quite long and includes the best players of the industry like Facebook (React Native creator), Instagram, Bloomberg, Uber Eats, Tesla, Walmart, and Pinterest. All these apps, as mentioned, are using React Native framework to a lesser or greater extent.


Which frameworks can be called future competitors of React Native?

Currently, the market has so many rising competitors for React Native, which outsmart many aspects depending on their specifications and concerns related to a product. Some of the popular open-source app development tools giving competition to React Native are Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, and Apache Cordova.

  1. Google released flutter in the year 2017. It uses Dart as the programing language.
  2. Ionic was founded in the year 2012. It uses JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS for developing hybrid applications.
  3. Xamarin is backed by Microsoft and utilizes c# as the coding language. It can also utilize the shared codebase.
  4. Apache Cardova is brought to the market by Adobe which is also known as PhoneGap. It helps developers develop mobile apps using CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript, combined with jQuery/Sencha Touch/Doji Mobile.

Should you go with React Native or Native app development?

As per the experts of BinaryMetrix, React Native should be chosen for app development because it aligns UI easier on both the operating systems, iOS and Android. On the other hand, React Native uses flexbox to make layout, which is the same as in iOS, Web, and Android. It becomes easy to transfer experience instead of learning it all new.

Therefore, it is highly suggestible to use React Native development as compared to Native app development.

React Native is the new tomorrow of the development industry. BinaryMetrix, as a popular android app development company and iPhone app development company, suggests its clients mainly for React Native app development for reduced costing and better performance.