Website is the first need for any business to grow online. A well-built website with great marketability could not be any less than what an ecommerce business would desire. However, many business owners assume that making a marketable website is a humongous job, requiring both time and money.

They don’t have the slightest clue that this task is pretty achievable without hurting their bank balance. All they need to seek is the assistance of a highly reputable and experienced website design agency like BinaryMetrix.

Only an au-fait website designing agency knows how to make a website more conversive and marketable. The designers of such an agency are up-to-the-minute about the latest changes and functionalities being considered more inclusive in modern website design.


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You will also get to know about such changes/features discussed below. 


  1. Improve websites visuals

We all know this famous phrase, ‘what is visible, sells.’ Indeed, it does, but not in the present scenario. There are gigantic numbers of ecommerce websites waiting outside to sabotage the limelight and take your customers off your hand. Therefore, you don’t only require being visible. You should visibly outshine all other competitors dealing in the same product/service.

But! How is that going to be achieved?

It is simple – with the help of custom ecommerce website development services. When you get customized designing services, you get something new and out-of-the-box. Whereas, when you decide to go the other way round, you get a website made out by adjusting the existing template (workable but lacks seasoning!).

Therefore, if you plan to get a website designed for your upcoming ecommerce start-up idea, take it to creative thinkers. An innovative and thoughtful designer will work from scratch to create your website with a neat design, easy navigation, and responsiveness.

Parameters to work on – Font, Typography, Visuals, and Interactive Multimedia 


  1. Decrease the load time 

Can you continue with a website that takes more than 5-6 seconds to load completely? You will not wait because, as a consumer, you have got many other providers waiting to be acknowledged on top SERPs. You will move on before the seller has had the chance to pitch for its product/service.

So, keep yourself at the place of target users and analyze your website’s speed and bring about the immediate change. Or, if your website is still under construction, ask the designer to add this point to the list of must-have features.

Parameters to work on – Image optimization and no auto-play media 


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  1. Keep the website simple yet interactive 

People usually overturn the website with complicated menus and tricky navigation because of lack of time. They cherish a website with simple navigation and an easy-to-understand menu. They tend to avoid websites with confusing interfaces and hefty navigation.

Therefore, if you aim to please consumers and attract more traffic, you need to work on features like simplicity, ease of navigation, and ease of messaging (hover messages).

You can ask the website designer to consider adding drop-down menus and other elements for a better user experience. A well-established and reliable agency like BinaryMetrix keeps these factors on the priority list to be added. The agency appoints a team of experts from different specialization to create an out-of-the-box and fully functional website which is highly optimized and marketable.

Parameters to work on – Guided navigations, drop-down menus, contact us form, and hover messaging option


  1. Improve checkout process to recover cart abandonment

Out of 5 users, at least two users add items in their cart leave it forever to sink in. Either they forget the product items they added back in the past or found it hefty to reach the end of the checkout process.


Consumers are not wrong at all!


Spending their hard-earned money is a daunting task. Some brave hearts dare to make up their mind to purchase the product/service listed on your website but lose the enthusiasm amid the checkout process.


The reasons could be many, including a lengthy checkout process, confusing categorization of products, absence of bestseller section, or sudden intent of purchase later. All these reasons all together promote cart abandonment.


Would you wish to turn away your target buyers like this? Absolutely not!


So, what you can do is “review the cart design and get it customized with the help of a custom website designer.” Redesigning the cart will not only lure more customers but convert cart abandonments into sure-sought sales.


Parameters to work on – Bestseller section, easy to navigate multiple categories, quick checkout process, easily accessible cart, and smooth payment options


Final Put

A good website with the power to harness more traffic can only be built with the help of an Avant-Garde custom website development company like BinaryMetrix with the best designers in the industry. The talents we hire are highly experienced and up-to-date with the latest trends and demands of the industry.


So, give your website the much-needed revamp with us and call our experts for a brief. We are always eager to help you!! Contact us!