Anybody with a plan to build a mobile application faces the common dilemma – build with React Native or a Cross-Platform App. Earlier, React Native apps used to be of subpar features and slower performance. However, development and amendment have brought some renowned reforms where React Native apps can have native looks with cross-platform flexibility.


Now, expert developers have the freedom of creating apps for using a basic framework for all types of operating systems, including iOS, Android, Web, and VR.


Some of the famous examples of React Native Apps

If you look around and research a bit about famous applications and their framework, you ultimately reach to React Native framework. Some of the famous applications are –


  • Facebook – Works with both Android and iOS and needs no introduction as an all-time favorite social networking site
  • Skype – No office meetings are even possible without Skype
  • Instagram – The latest fad amongst youngsters and influencers
  • Airbnb –Getting the best homestays in any corner of the world has become a cakewalk with


Well, the list is quite long and might require a separate blog post. So, let’s focus on application ideas that will work great with React Native.


The countdown for 3 App Ideas that will work best with React Native


1. Use React Native to build working prototypes

 Technology has filled many empty voids between humans and their necessities. Every app being developed these days has a streak motive of fulfilling some necessities directly or indirectly associating human consumption. In such a scenario, if you also come up with an idea and want to create an application to reach your dedicated customer base, then start with React Native.


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When you have already distinguished between the need and its solution in the beginning phase, you need to make people get used to it by practically using it. You need a native working prototype that can work on Android and iOS operating systems, which can be build quickly and without much investment.


Here, React Native sets itself as the perfect choice. The development in React Native is 30% faster than hybrid app development. It gives native experience to users and ease-to-do as many amendments as possible to developers.


2. Build cross-platform applications with React Native

If your ideal mobile app has more than one platform dependency and requires multithreading and video processing, go with React Native. For a limited budget and the best development solution, React Native is a perfect development option.


As you choose RN for the app development, you can easily allocate an equal budget for iOS and Android app development with an interface that works for both platforms.

However, the process of getting such an app developed isn’t a piece of pie until you have experienced developers from React Native app development companyYou might need to work hard on this front until you find a company like BinaryMetrix with an outstanding React Native app development record.


3. Develop application without heavy use of native APIs

If your application does not require native APIs, then React Native should be your first choice and last choice. Integration of native APIs with applications requires writing bridges, which is a time-consuming process. And if you have not hired an experienced developer for the task, it can affect the overall performance of applications.


Some application ideas for beginners to follow

If you are new to React Native app development and wish to develop your own application, then you will need little guidance and a lot of practice. As learning and developing with RN is a lot easier than other cross-platform development, you should start with a few easy application ideas.


  • Books application
  • Expense tracker apps
  • News and live update apps
  • Social networking apps
  • Music and video apps
  • Event listing apps
  • Simple ecommerce apps using few APIs


As you start developing one of the ideas mentioned above, you will learn a lot for bigger and complex application development. Developing the above applications will impart an ample amount of knowledge and tips to you. Some of the crucial things which you will learn are –


  • Basic UI components
  • Integration of text editors
  • Implementation of push notification
  • Adding chat features
  • Using server-less platforms
  • Adding play/pause/next/stop buttons
  • Integrating native APIs and a lot more


With React Native, you can develop a good application that will work just like any other counterparts. However, you require an experienced developer to fulfill the task. Well, you can hire an individual developer; however, you must go with a company.


An experience React Native and hybrid mobile app development company like BinaryMetrix has a number of skilled and talented developers. They can work for both native apps as well as cross-platform apps.