As time flies, many SEO techniques or algorithm go out of trend, and many more are introduced. That is why a website or domain has to stay informed about t h latest trends happening in the market so that their services stay relevant on the internet.


Detecting the cause of the lack of a website or domain is a cumbersome task in itself. It requires experts from a reliable SEO marketing company to perform the audit and identify the points of improvement. Once the audit is complete, the experts prepare relevant strategies to overcome the limitations.


But before we get into the details of SEO audits and their factors, let us understand SEO audit in simple terms.


A quick glance at SEO Audit

An audit simply refers to inspection in terms of an organizational body. It may include financial inspection, organizational inspections, etc. similarly, SEO audit refers to a comprehensive process of inspecting a website and domain’s performance.


The audit helps search engine optimization services providers understand the current performance and figure out other SEO-friendly techniques to enhance overall performance. SEO audit helps generate measurable results of search engine marketing plans to boost a website’s dominance on various search engines.


Issues highlighted through an SEO Audit

Incompetency of a website can have many causes behind it. An SEO audit finds those causes and surfaces them so that search engine optimizations experts can remove such causes and make the website perform outstandingly.

An SEO audit highlights a lot of issues, including off-site problems, website structuring issues, on-page SEO issues, technical SEO issues, and much more. All these issues, when combined, limits the marketplace opportunities and ruin the website’s visibility and traffic.


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Factors that come under SEO Audit

  1. The website should be mobile-friendly

In 2020, almost 60% of searches were made by mobile. It is a quite large number to deduce that mobile-friendliness is the utmost need for every website. In the audit, a competitive SEO marketing company like BinaryMetrix analyzes the website and tell you about the degree of mobile-friendliness. If your website is lacking at a point, the experts from the company will improve the website’s UI and other key factors to make your website mobile-friendly.


  1. Browsing ability of all website versions

A Google can index multiple versions of a website that are not the same for Google and others. They take each version of a website as an individual identity and hence, a 301 redirect is necessary for implementation.

An SEO auditor checks for the availability of the same and hence improves the accessibility of the website.


  1. Page speed should be good

Another factor that aids in website traffic and performance is page speed. A website must take a few seconds to open, and its speed must be optimized to the maximum limit. An audit can tell about the lacking areas contributing to the lagging speed of the website.

Upon audit, these entire factors promoting speed lag are cleared out and solved. A few steps taken in correcting the speed issues are clearing the HTML codes, hosting domain upgrade and much more.


  1. Site structure should be fixed

Fort seamless user experience, a site structure should be fixed and optimized. For making the process seamless, you must index all pages to search engines so that the pages are crawled seamlessly.

Fix site structure helps bots understand important pages of your website and ensure maximum organic traffic to it.


  1. On-page audit and checks

A website has so many pages and hence, it becomes hard to track every On-Page SEO issues. Therefore, the auditor considers a few pages as important and keeps their On-Page issues in check. To streamline the flow, he can take pages like Home Page, Contact Us Page, etc., and optimize them with keywords.


  1. No pertaining duplicate content issues

The biggest red flag for Google and any other search engines is duplicate content. The search engines can even blacklist your page for duplicate content and make it vanish from SERPs. Therefore, you should not upload any duplicate content on your website. And if you doubt so, you must take the help of a reliable Search engine optimization services provider like BinaryMetrix to detect the duplicate content and remove it.


In case if you have borrowed the content from a website, the auditor will help generate the backlink so that your website is not blacklisted.


  1. Resolving indexing issues

Sometimes a robots.txt file of noindex file blocks the search engines from indexing the website page. In such a scenario, an expert auditor helps remove such elements and help search engines like Google to access your page.


  1. Finding issues with schema

A website has several markup data or structured data on Google like reviews, production description, etc. If the data is not properly structured, it aids in the website’s inefficiency and bad performance.


In an SEO audit, such data is tested for inefficiency, and the issues are quickly resolved. The auditor utilizes the Structured Data Tool from Google to run the check.


  1. Paving ways for better content

Poorly written contents impact a lot on the website’s performance and search engine visibility. An audit helps to track down the missing link between the website and good content. The auditor organizes information to upload under subheadings and make necessary amendments for images and videos. Overall, the audit enhances the quality of content uploaded to a website.


  1. Analyzing competitors outreach

Another very essential task take-up by the auditor is to track competitors outreach and amend yours accordingly. A credible competitor might cut out a great chunk of your profits and leave you with crumbs to sustain. An experienced auditor tracks the competitor’s strong points and amends your business strategies accordingly.


Other task taken up by an auditor includes –


  • Improving the UI/UX of your website
  • Analyzing security factors of your website
  • Backlink analysis of website
  • Keywords tracking
  • Correcting broken backlinks


To conclude


SEO audit is a necessity for your online business. It helps to find out various elements and related issues to correct them. If you have been thinking of getting an SEO audit done on your website, reach out to a credible SEO marketing company. One such name is BinaryMetrix.

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