Each year we come across trends that dominate the web development sector. It is on us to decide whether to keep up the pace or lag behind. As online presence is significant for businesses, it is equally more crucial to come in terms with the latest trends & technologies.

As businesses main aim is to attract visitors to their website, keeping an eye on the latest trends & technologies is the first step.


Let’s concentrate on five trends in 2020 that will shape your website towards victory.


Progressive Web Apps

Don’t get confused? Progressive web apps are web pages that give the user the feel of a native mobile app. The users can get the experience of both the worlds at the same time that is web’s reach & app accessibility. It tends to be suitable for businesses that have a low budget investment. PWA’s website growing popularity makes it possible for users to browse on mobile web browsers without downloading any separate app to view their favourite websites. PWA’s load time is incredibly fast & it allows user to work offline with all the functions available as an app.


Voice Optimization Search

Voice search is topping the chart. Voice search embarks on a long journey as the users feel more comfortable using this feature than typing long search texts. While there are voice assistants like, Alexa, Google, Cortana, it is not a long way for others to focus their website for voice searches. For website developers, there are two things for them to focus. One being the website mobile responsiveness, as most mobile searches are voice searches. The other one is to integrate voice searches internally that is now possible by adding a voice recognition API to the website.


AI & Chatbots

What seems to be the future of web development? Well, the reality is bots taking over manual assistance. We have already been in touch with many chatbots while browsing Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype and even many websites. It is because 24/7 support is now feasible through artificial intelligence-powered chatbots instead of recruiting staff for customer support.


Single Page Application

SPA’s hold importance in website development in 2020 as it tends to operate faster that leads to holding user’s attention. SPA’s deliver users with instant feedback as compared to regular sites. SPA is the new website trends that make each page to perform well and overall, it is more secure. It is important to note that Google Drive, Facebook, Gmail follow SPA’s approach.


AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages)

One more website development trend, AMP, it speeds up page performance and minimizes the risks of a user abandoning the website. This technology enables the website to load in less time and work on mobile phones smoothly. Moreover, AMP plugin allows companies to save money on UX designs and helps them reach users with any speed connectivity.


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